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Cheryl Fierstein reviewed Atomic Tae Kwon Do
via Facebook

This place is amazing for Tae Kwon Do classes . At Atomic, it doesn't matter that I'm not the best or the strongest; I get as much encouragement, praise, and individual attention as any black belt. My instructors are truly invested in my success, and it shows in every class. They push and inspire me to train to my full potential--nothing is more valuable than that. The best part about this place, however, is making so many new friends who have become so dear to me. I love my Atomic family!

Nunzio Napolitano reviewed Atomic Tae Kwon Do
via Facebook

Great school , amazing people

Claudia Garcia-Arevalo reviewed Atomic Tae Kwon Do
via Facebook

This is an amazing Family Center! They have something for everyone in the Family, for Kids and Adults!

Francesca Marie Woll reviewed Atomic Tae Kwon Do
via Facebook

We began a few months ago and already our son has quickly picked up on the necessary focus and protocol for martial arts. He truly enjoys the instructors and each class provides a new approach to skills that extend beyond the mat. We love this place!

Jessica Donovan reviewed Atomic Tae Kwon Do
via Facebook

I’ve been taking my boys to Atomic for about 3 years now and love it there. Master Bart and Dr. Luiza are two amazing instructors who have a staff of instructors that are just as warm, friendly, and knowledgeable as they are. Master Bart and Dr. Luiza have gotten to know my boys so well, I trust them inherently with the boys and have even consulted with them for advice about my boys whenever I need some feedback or input. I love watching my boys progress and seeing how happy and proud they are to accomplish goals and move forward with each belt they earn is what it’s all about. I highly recommend Atomic Tae Kwon Do!!

Kristie Marie reviewed Atomic Tae Kwon Do
via Facebook

All the instructors are amazing with my kids. they really take each kids needs into consideration and change accordingly. This isn't just a class, this is a family. my kids always feel welcomed and are very Happy to go each time. thanks so much to all of you. We Love it here and highly recommended it

MollyAnn Leavy reviewed Atomic Tae Kwon Do
via Facebook

From the first time we walked into the studio we felt at home such an amazing place to have your child learn all the elements of Tae kwon do ! Highly recommend

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Preparing Children to Return to School – A Developmental Approach

As we continue through the current pandemic and re-opening efforts show real challenges, school districts everywhere are trying to devise the best plans for children, teachers, and staff to return. And while there will be no perfect solution for each family, parents must consider all the information and choose the option that works best for their families. But whether you want the in-person school option or the digital learning option, taking time to prepare children for a return to learning is essential.

The typical end of the summer blues that children experience before going back to school will, this year, be exacerbated by the extended time at home with minimal routines in place. We are all trying to deal with the day to day changes and strong emotions that go along with that. Since there is so much uncertainty, many parents feel apprehensive about making the wrong decisions, and children feel it. However, we must find a way not to completely dwell on the situation while also continuing to respect its significance. Since children thrive on stability, steps must be implemented to help them feel safe and secure, no matter what school decision is made.


To start, be honest with children that there will be changes but do not focus on what they will be losing. Instead, empower them to accept the modifications and help them understand how these things are to keep everyone safe. Giving them practical tools to navigate new school procedures and strategies to rebuild relationships within social distancing parameters will ease the fear. Planning and preparing can lessen uncertainty while also supporting children in their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. Being patient and flexible and utilizing positive reinforcement will create a sense of control and stability.

It is difficult, however, to know where to start when preparing our children for the new school year and the changes that will come along with it. Accessing community resources, such as our SKILLZ program taught at AtomicTKD, can help with this. Since SKILLZ is an innovative child development approach, it utilizes an age-specific methodology that fosters growth in the areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development.

As we move forward with modified educational procedures, we must find ways to help ease the transition for children. At the beginning of the pandemic, we were unprepared for what was ahead of us. Although there are still undefined processes being worked through, we have a better gauge for what we may be presented with. Within the realm of child development and education, while we still don’t have all of the information as to what the new school year will look like, what we can be sure of is that we can prepare our children starting today. As John Wooden stated, “Confidence comes from being prepared.” Let us afford our children more confidence and prepare them for a “new normal.”

In our next blog, we will discuss how to prepare your child “physically” for the new school year.

Wishing you Loved ones Health, Strength and Positive Mindset!
Dr. Luiza

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